Date: Mon 02/18/19 9:42PM
From: Tim McGilvray
Rating: ★★★★★

Message: I have worked with Tony now for 90 days. He has transformed our Nissan sales department into a selling machine. Tony is very diligent and committed to making the staff and the store very successful. I cant wait to see what Tony can help with at some of our other locations

Tim McGilvray
Vice President
DCD Automotive Holdings

Date: Sat 01/05/19 8:51PM
From: Neal Curland
Rating: ★★★★★

Message: I have known Tony Provost for over 30 years, even well before he entered the automobile industry. From the very beginning, Tony's passion and enthusiasm have been evident. He LOVES people and helping them reach their dreams. Even as a young man he was interested in others dreams and life goals. Tony gets people excited with his personality and engaging leadership style. You can't help but like him and you never want to let him down. If you are looking for a leader to increase productivity and motivate people Tony has proven he is your guy. Very few people in this world, in any organization, have what's called the ability to make great things happen. Tony has "it". Hard to define but so easy to see once you witness Tony at work. I give an unconditional "thumbs-up" to Tony to help you or your business reach potential.
Neal Curland
Public School Administrator and Educator

Date: Tue 04/10/18 8:50PM
From: Mark Ludwig
Rating: ★★★★★

Message: In providing monthly dealership analysis for Tony Provost since 2001. Tony’s energy and management style has proven that his employees are more productive than any of our other clients. He knows how to focus on building gross and volume and on how to keep the gross flowing to the bottom line.
Mark Ludwig
Owner, The ACAR Report

Date: Mon 02/11/19 8:43PM
From: Kevin Bates
Rating: ★★★★★

Message: Before I met Tony I worked an average job making 28,000 and supplementing my income with odd jobs. Enter Tony Provost. After applying for a position and getting hired, I worked with Tony daily to increase my knowledge of the business and the sales process and techniques. 10 years later and I have more than tripled my yearly income and the options I have in my life are amazing. If your looking to take that step to the next level or need help getting away from being average. Look no further.

Date: Wed 04/18/18 8:41PM
From: Charles Gillis
Rating: ★★★★★

Message: I have been a Finance Manager at Nissan 24 for the last 3 and a half years and my numbers have always been solid, ranging month to month between $1500 and $1700 per retail unit with 1.5 products per deal and 45% warranty penetration. I was confident and comfortable with my production both in personal success as well as in my overall contribution to the success of the dealership. I WAS WRONG!!! I met Tony approximately 3 weeks ago while I was having a great month at the top of my normal range and when I explained to him that I was $1692 PRU, 1.75 PPD and 47%warranty he asked me what I was going to do to get to $2000 per car. I gave him a prototypical answer that most F&I managers give when their numbers are being questioned and to my surprise he quickly shut it down and gave me a very passionate speech about the fact that while my numbers were good, they could be better if I just found a way to make myself uncomfortable again.